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It all starts with the Queues Vision Sensor...

The core component behind queues and the driving force behind

your data.

Increased Sales = Increased Revenue

Lines with over 9 people waiting reduce sales by 10%. Our products help you track wait times, balance demand, and enhance customer satisfaction to maximize revenue potential. More sales mean more money.

Consider 10+ people in your line during a 2 hour time period:

  • Estimated Revenue: $2,500 ← your revenue here

  • 10% Revenue Loss: $250 or $4.17/minute

Data-driven Decisions

Utilize wait time data to optimize operations. Identify peak hours, resolve bottlenecks, and streamline processes for peak efficiency. Uncover patterns for strategic decision-making and observe live results.


Designed to adapt seamlessly, the Queues Vision Sensor can be deployed across diverse use cases in any environment. Our technology is your adaptable solution for insightful data collection and key analysis.

Computer Vision & AI

Empowered by cutting-edge computer vision and our proprietary AI algorithms, each Queues Vision Sensor processes real-time analytics with precision down to the minute. These insights, drive our suite of products, transforming your data into guiding decisions for you and your customers.

Let's talk privacy.

We believe privacy is a fundamental right which is why we designed our queues vision sensors with privacy in mind. 

• No Personally Identifiable Information Collected

• No Facial Recognition Capabilities 

• No Exceptions ​

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