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Queues App

Customers are 10x more likely to visit when they can see your wait time. Upon sign-up, seamlessly join our network of supported businesses on the Queues Mobile App, creating a loyal customer base that knows the optimal times to visit. Increase repeat traffic and enhance your customers experience.

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Queues Dashboard

Experience the Queues Dashboard, an adaptable solution for enterprises and small businesses alike. This intuitive platform acts as your control center, offering a comprehensive view of your operations with real-time information and predictive analytics.

Key Features:

  • Wait Times                     • Space Analytics
  • Occupancy                     • Turn Around Time

  • Summary Reports       • Optimization Suggestions

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White-labeled App

Simplify repeat customers' experience with a white labeled app made specifically for your space. Delivering real-time wait time data to your visitors reduces congestion, enhances their experience, and optimize your business's performance.

Queues API

Got an existing app? Integrate Queues data seamlessly to optimize your platform. Our straightforward integration provides real-time insights allowing you to use your data how you want.

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