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Enterprise Dashboard

Our dedicated support and development team works closely with every Enterprise Partner to maximize the Queues Experience. By becoming a Queues Enterprise Partner, you can utilize a personalized Queues Dashboard designed to fit your specific business needs.

Real-time Wait Times

Real-time Occupancy analytics

Real-time, AI-leveraged queueing advice

Turnaround time per occupant

Facility consultation

Leverage your dashboard to optimize resources, minimize employment costs, enhance operational efficiency, and track your strategy in real-time. With Queues, your valuable data is not just accessible; it becomes the cornerstone for confident decision-making in every aspect of your business.

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Queues for Venues

No one likes to wait in lines - give the power to your fans with the Queues white-labeled mobile app. User friendly and tailored for simplicity, there's no need to manually balance demand. By sharing live wait time data, your fans gain the ability to make informed decisions, resulting in reduced wait times, increased sales and better overall fan experience.

Already have an App? Integrate Queues functionality seamlessly with our Queues API.

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