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The only dining app your students will ever need.

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Live wait times for students.

No one likes waiting in line... Especially college students. In fact, we have talked with thousands of students and the number 1 complaint about college dining is "Long wait times."

College students aren't naive - they know long lines are just a part of college life but they value their time which is where the queues app comes in.

With our live wait times, your students can see how long the lines are right now as well as how long they will likely be throughout the day.

Never again will a student arrive at a line they can't afford to wait in.

How queues works

We solve the problem of not knowing how busy the line is with our queues vision sensors.

By installing one of these sensors at your restaurant we collect live wait times through out the day so that students can see with certainty the best times to come and eat at your restaurant.

Knowing the exact wait time for your off campus restaurant will make students 10x times more likely to eat at your restaurant on any given day.

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Keep students in the loop!

With our live push notifications keep your students up to date with:


• Holiday Hours

• Unexpected Closures

• Promotions

All in one convenient location, easily accessible to everyone on campus.

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Get your restaurant on the queues app!

Sign up here

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