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Reduce time to park

Queues Parking AI significantly optimizes parking lot operations by reducing the time required for patrons to locate available parking spaces.

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What our sensors see

Our Queues-Vision sensors identify which parking spots are free or taken, making parking easier and more efficient for everyone.

What your customers see

The data from our Queues-Vision sensors is available to customers via our ready-to-use Queues app or through API integrations with your parking solution, ensuring real-time parking visibility and enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

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What you see

Our dashboard provides essential analytics on parking occupancy and utilization, enabling effective enforcement and management. It offers real-time insights for optimizing operations and improving customer parking experiences, serving as a central tool for enhancing parking services.

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Maximize your parking utilization and revenue

By reducing search time, our solution boosts the time customers spend in paid parking, enhancing customer experience and increasing revenue. This directly improves parking operation's profitability by maximizing billable usage.

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Private parking


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