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Wait times in the palm of your hand.


Never wait in a
long line again.

Our mission at queues is to collect and share data that will have a profound impact on your life.

Through the queues app, we give you the tools to save time every day by putting the most accurate wait times on the market in the palm of your hand.


With the most up-to-date opening hours, showing up to a closed location is a thing of the past.

phone wait times.png
queuemulative wait times.png

How do we collect wait times? 

Every partner restaurant shown on our app has one of our queues vision sensors installed at their location.


Our sensors use computer vision to accurately

count how many people are in line and how long they waited to place an order.

This way you never end up at a restaurant with a wait longer than you can afford.

Let's talk privacy.

At queues, we believe privacy is a fundamental right which is why we designed our queues vision sensors with privacy in mind. 

• No Facial Recognition Capabilities 

• No Personally Identifiable Information Collected

• No Exceptions 

Just as is should be!

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