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What you currently see


Not charging

Your EV chargers can tell you when they're in use and when they're not, but they can't tell you whether your spaces are occupied.

What our sensors can show you



Not charging



Our Queues-Vision sensors identify which parking spots are free or taken, making parking easier and more efficient for everyone.

Closing the loop on EV Charging data

EV parking dashboard mock-up 4.png

We combine your data with our data to give you a complete picture of your EV charging spaces via the Queues Dashboard.

Maximize Utilization, Maximize Revenue

Utilization is your key to revenue and every minute a vehicle is improperly park translates to lost revenue.

With our queues for EV solution, you can ensure that you recapture utilization faster thereby recapturing lost revenue.

Object Detection

  • Vehicles

    • Identify when spaces are occupied by ICE vehicles and/or vehicles that aren't charging.​

  • Objects

    • Know if a space is being obstructed by non-vehicle objects, e.g. cones, dumpsters, etc.​

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 7.35.55 PM.png

Rapid Response

Know in 5 minutes instead of 5 weeks that a space is low utilization because an object is obstructing the space with our queues dashboard notifications

License Plate Reading

Improve charging experience with LPR

  • Allow customers to auto-charge by identifying their vehicle as it pulls in to charge.

  • Frictionless charging - give your charging solution the same convenience as Tesla chargers



With LPR, we can facilitate sending enforcement actions to people who violate parking rules and recoup revenue lost from ICE/improper parking.

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