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"Lines with over 9 people reduce revenue by at least 10%"

Transform your wait times into opportunities...

Queues redefines waiting by unlocking the hidden value in lines. We empower businesses with actionable insights, turning data that's normally overlooked into returns on investments and ensuring every moment in line adds to your success.

Tailored Solutions For Every Business

Queues seamlessly integrates across all industries, accommodating businesses of any size and space.


Unlock the potential to streamline operations, increase return on investments, maximize sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Diverse Products

Crafted for simplicity, Queues provides a suite of products designed to empower your business and customers with the ability to make actionable decisions that address your challenges.

• Queues Dashboard

• Queues Mobile App

• Queues API ​

How it works

Knowing your wait times is the key to unlocking business opportunities. Our proprietary Queues Vision Sensor collects precise wait time data while safeguarding privacy.


Reliable, Accurate, Secure. 

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